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"Backyard Sequoia" Poem- Dream Journal 11-14-21

Mighty Sequoia

I can't see your tops

Stretched to the Heavens

Beyond comprehension.

I wish to hug your trunk

But it would take a thousand of me.

Your bark is soft and gentle

Inviting guests to enjoy your splendor.

At your roots

Is a carousel

Stark white in contrast

Spinning around slowly

With no occupants.

Shinning, shimmering, gold accents

Dance up and down

On molded horses backs

Swaying red, white, and blue

On simple tracks.

With nowhere to be

And no one to see

Encased in glass

For all of eternity.

Porcelain Perfection

Overtop Sequoia's erection

A sight to see

That was really only meant for you and me.


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