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My thoughts on "Quality". What is it?

Quality is a grade of excellence. It measures a type of potential, but is completely subjective. One’s sense of quality, can be another man’s common place. A King’s sense of quality becomes unimaginable to the Peasant that seeks out bread; that is not stale and moldy. Quality becomes a threshold just above one’s mundane normalcy. Quality is a type of judgment, that is ever-changing.

My Parable:

Take a man that only knows how to catch bees on a flower, but is completely unaware of its ability to make delicious honey. Every day in his starving state, he continues to catch and eat bees from their rest on flowers. One day, another man is walking by, and notices this odd behavior of this man hunting bees for food. This passerby calls to the hunter and asks, “Are you looking for honey?” The hunter replies, “What is honey? I am eating these insects because I am starving, and this is the only quality nutrients I have out here to survive.” The passerby is baffled, and has the young man follow him to a beehive in the trees. He is able to take a handful of honey and share with the hunter. The hunter tastes the honey, and is elated to a place of pure ecstasy; for he has never known this quality of food exists.

From that day forth his sense of quality has changed forever. The man never killed a bee again, because he is now aware that the bees work FOR HIM. Why would he kill the bees for their fowl taste and painful stings? Now he has evolved his sense of quality, and can delegate his time towards greater modes of survival.

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