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"Is Anyone Listening?" Poem

Power blossoms

From my hands

As if it demands

For you to understand

What if no one

is listening?

What is One

IS listening.

Your ability

to change One

Should be enough

ammo for your gun.

Powdered with ambition

You want it all my Son

But until you effect the individual

You'll always be chasing the Sun.

Enjoy the process

And get LIVE


Will only pass time.

Ruin Vision

Defer Vibe

Peacefully Slide

Into Castration

Of Purpose & Pride.

Open Mind's Eye

To a dimension

Of new time.

Close the opinions of others

For they steal shine

To bring you down to their time.

A measure you're not fit for

A signature you didn't sign.

How could a sick Mann

Lead the Blind?


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1 Comment

Christopher Corvus
Christopher Corvus
Nov 17, 2021

Great to see that you're writing. It's been a while! How ya doing? (It's Chris, Danielle's brother.) Still into the modeling scene?

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