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Foggy Sunset


Being so trapped in Fog

That you could barely see.

Searching for lines

That don't exist anymore.

Familiar Guides

That have become Ghosts.

Misty Mountains

That are now your Host.

Succumb to Trepidation

In a field of Desperation.

Clawing for answers

In a World of Cancer.

You swear there is air

But no one to point you there

So you sit in silence.

Heartbeat in ear

Pulsing with fear

Sure to make it out

Of this first gear.


Lungs fill with honey

A sweet sensation

That feels kinda funny.

A clearing in the road

An Orange glow of Sunny

A Bank Account hit with money.

A monumental moment

Only Lord could own it

Plastered Rays

In a Mountainous Maze

Glorious by Nature

Demanding Our Gaze.

Standing Cliffside

Two Pairs of Eyes

Reminded of Our Existence

As Galaxies Collide.

There's my pulse

Beating with the tide

Flowing Downstream

In Mind's Eye.

Sense of Pride

Of what belongs inside.

Home at last

From a dark past

Statuesque Shadow

No longer cast.



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