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God Realizing Himself

Happiness defined

By the moments in time

Where Release and Security

Are Intertwined

Permeated Minds

Blend in Divine

Sharing One Another’s

Thoughts and Design

Be Kind

For the world will show you none.

Light is only shaped by Darkness

In tow and Sun

The Galaxies have more answers than questions

Yet we refuse to acknowledge them.

Hidden above pollution

And Self-Doubt.

Look Up

And Realize why you’re here.

You are not circumstance nor environment

You are the Creator that must Create

A God that doesn’t know Himself.

The world that surrounds you

Is Clay

Not rigid and decayed

It’s smooth, soft, and simple

Like a warm day in May

Defrost your thoughts

Let them burn the Knots

Dry the plots

And set seeds

For the Crops.

Dust the lots

Shiny and New

Breathe new air

And escape the catacombs

Only a few do.


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